Write Your Roots Teacher’s Guide


The Write Your Roots Teacher’s Guide contains general instructions, additional resources, an overview for each lesson, information for each step, and answers for the pre-tests.


Another year-long writing project from Carole Thaxton. Learn language arts while writing your family history.

A one-year project for grades 5-12 that is easy because it is a series of short stories. The stories are based on real facts, so less imagination is necessary. The worktext is divided into 30 steps, which is designed for one step per week, which fulfills requirements for a full year of English composition. Each text has three sections: learn, practice/prepare and apply. If your child can write a short story, he is ready for Write Your Roots. During the year the basic student will write 12 stories that will be revised and tweaked several times for excellent writing. Paperback, 226 pages.


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