Write Your Roots

Write Your Roots

Write Your Roots not only makes writing meaningful and gives students practice in all writing skills, but it is a book that every family wants to own. By researching and interviewing family members, students (who have more time and energy than their parents) record all those stories that parents wish were in print. Thus, the record goes on.

Book Heart

Write Your Roots will have your students write 12 stories that will be tweaked several times for excellence in writing. More advanced students can continue to write a story per week while revising previously written stories. Some benefits of using Write Your Roots:

  • Write for a reason
  • Have the joy of discovering your family’s uniqueness
  • Watch God’s hand at work in His own history
  • Practice the thrill of investigation
  • Learn how to research online
  • Learn how to do historical research in libraries and government offices
  • Spend time with family members, building and collecting stories
  • Complete a writing assignment every week to add to the book
  • Work together as a family
  • Add to the family history collection
  • Laugh a lot!

What objectives are taught in Write Your Roots?

Steps contained in Write Your Roots (Each step is a section of the book containing exercises and activities):

Step 1: Dare to Start: How do I get started?

Each Step has 3 sections:


The Learn section is for you, as coach, to do WITH your student.


The Practice/Prepare section is for the student to do independently, as reinforcement, of what they learned.


The Apply section is for them to apply what they have learned to their own novel.

Write Your Roots

The Write Your Roots Student Book contains all 30 steps, each one containing exercises to learn, practice, and apply the skills while writing a book chronicling your family’s stories and history.
The Write Your Roots Teacher’s Guide contains general instructions, additional resources, an overview for each lesson, information for each step, and answers for the pre-tests.