Junior Analytical Grammar

The Junior Analytical Grammar program is designed to introduce younger students to the ideas and study of English Grammar. While this program covers the same topics as the first “season” of the Analytical Grammar program, the emphasis is not for students to achieve mastery, but to ease into the formal study of grammar.

This program contains 11 units, which are designed for students that are at a lower reading level. Exercises are shorter and there is more teacher involvement, compared to the Analytical Grammar program. The material covered in each unit in Junior Analytical Grammar builds and reinforces the concepts covered previously.

Major Concepts and Skills Include:

  • Parts of Speech
  • Five Sentence Patterns
  • Parts of a Sentence
  • Classic Sentence Diagramming


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Junior Analytical Grammar SetThis set includes materials to begin the Junior Analytical Grammar program.
  • Teacher Book
    • Copy of Student Notes
    • Useful Teacher Notes
    • Complete Answer Key
  • Student Workbook
    • Note Pages
    • Exercises to practice skills
    • Tests
  • DVD Set featuring authors
    • Teaching Each Unit
    • Practicing Sentences from Worksheets

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Junior Analytical Grammar DVD SetThis two disk set features Junior Analytical Grammar's authors teaching each unit and practicing sentences using the worksheets. This DVD set does not take the place of the teacher book.$33.50

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Junior Analytical Grammar Student Workbook
The Junior Analytical Grammar Student Workbook contains student notes, exercises, rubric, and tests. Each student needs his or her own workbook.
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Junior Analytical Grammar Teacher BookThe Junior Analytical Grammar Teacher Book includes teacher instruction, notes, complete answer key and student note pages. Junior Analytical Grammar Teacher Book ONLY, for use with Junior Analytical Grammar program. You will need both the Teacher Book and Student Workbook for the program.$31.50

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