is a family owned and operated business that has been serving Canadian  home educators since 1989.  Our passion is to see young people grow into adults who are critical thinkers and problem solvers. We began focusing on math in the early 1990’s. as we found that so many children and adults struggled with mastering the math concepts. As you begin to use the Math-U-See products our goal is to help produce confident problem solvers who enjoy the study of math so they can apply what they learn in everyday situations.

Each of the Demme Learning products that we sell encourage children to explore and learn side-by-side an engaged parent. The parent’s role may be as the primary instructor or as a supplemental instructor in their child’s education. We recognize that engaged parents are crucial to a child’s success in becoming lifelong learners.

Jacki Knight

Jacki has been involved in home education since 1988 and educated her three children through high school.  She found, at that time, there were few resources that were designed specifically to help the home educating parent in Canada and began her business in 1989.  Through extensive research, trial and error she found products that helped her meet her goals developing and fostering critical thinking, problem solving skills and a love of learning.  Jacki found that discovery, experiential, hands on learning not only engaged children but also saw them develop a mastery understanding of the concept or topic being taught. 

The office today is a busy hub as her daughter-in-laws work as well as home educate her seven grandchildren during the work week.

Jacki has supported, trained and encouraged home and school educators across Canada and in other nations, as a conference speaker, author, home education consultant, and the authorized Canadian Distributor for Math-U-See, Spelling You See and the AIM program.  She shares her experiences candidly both the good and bad in order to exhort, support and encourage families and teachers in the educating of their children/students to reach their fullest potential.

Jacki also founded Renaissance International Ministries which works with Children Arise Victoria and focuses on children at risk working with ministries in Africa, SouthEast Asia. and at home to see transformation. 

Beth-Ann Knight

Beth-Ann Knight, Is the mother of 3 children, ages 12, 7 and 6 and has been happily married nearly 15 years. She began homeschooling when her oldest began Kindergarten. Home education has been her profession for the past 16 years. Home educating is away of life to for the Knight family and has brought them a lot of joy. Their education plan allows for the kids passions to flow jn the arts, music, singing, painting … the youngest one wants to own a business some day. It is a blessing to be able to watch your children in the process of learning and using their skills as they grow up. Beth-Ann and Jeremy began using Math-U-See since their first son started into Kindergarten. All three children have flourished in their understanding of the math concepts and have achieved mastery in the levels they have completed. Often the older children will help the youngest. Beth-Ann has passionately worked for Math-U-See for the past 11 years And loves connecting with each person that calls into the office. Beth-Ann and Jeremy are committed to seeing children excel and start into their careers with the best possible foundation to life.

Christa Knight

Christa is currently homeschooling her four children and works part time for Math-U-See. Born and raised on Vancouver Island, she enjoys an active lifestyle both outside and inside, and also teaches swimming lessons at the local community recreation center. She and her husband enjoy working with youth and are volunteer leaders where their kids attend youth group. Christa enjoys talking  and sharing about homeschooling as she feels the lifestyle it offers is a blessing, and strengthens relationships within the family.

Meet Steve Demme

In addition to developing the Math-U-See books and learning tools, Steve speaks at homeschool conferences, addressing a variety of topics in the hopes of encouraging parents in their God-given responsibilities to raise and train their children for His glory. Steve’s desire is to understand God’s word and practice it, beginning at home.

As a former math teacher, Steve taught math at all levels in public, private, and Christian schools, receiving the teacher of the year award in 1982. He also taught his own children, one with special needs, providing tutoring services as well. Steve credits many of his unique math approaches to his time spent tutoring, as he often had to invent creative ways of teaching math in one-on-one situations and to children with varied learning styles and needs. His math program has helped parents and children around the world.