Analytical Grammar 1st Ed.

Analytical Grammar is an easy to follow, step-by-step program that will prepare students for high school and college-level work. The innovative and logical approach is not only extremely effective but makes learning grammar fun.

This program is designed to be taught over three “seasons” which spans three years, however, it is flexible and can be adapted to a one or two year program. Each “season” includes several units which are covered over the course of a week or two, followed by ongoing reinforcement activities, included in the Review and Reinforcement book.

Analytical Grammar teaches English grammar, punctuation, and usage. It is designed to be taught in three grammar “seasons” over three years (see timeline below); however, it is can also be adapted to a one-or two-year schedule.

Analytical Grammar has been used successfully with all students from the learning disabled to the highly gifted. This innovative and logical method is not only extremely effective, but makes learning grammar fun.

Analytical Grammar is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step approach that will prepare your student for more strenuous high school and college-level work. The teacher does not need to be a grammar expert but can learn along with the student.

Analytical Grammar covers:

  • All the parts of speech and parts of the sentence
  • Phrases and clauses
  • Classic sentence diagramming
  • Rules of punctuation and capitalization
  • Common usage errors.

Analytical Grammar includes:

  • Student notes
  • Plenty of exercises to practice skills
  • Tests to evaluate progress
  • Complete answer keys and useful teacher notes
  • Instructions for creating a Grammar Notebook which becomes a valuable reference resource
  • An optional (sold separately) Review and Reinforcement workbook to keep skills sharp between “seasons.”
Analytical Grammar was first created in the 1980s by Robin Finley, a public school English teacher. She wrote and tested it in her classroom, until 1996 when she was asked to sell Analytical Grammar for use in a private school, at which point Robin created the Analytical Grammar company. In July 2020, Demme Learning acquired Analytical Grammar.

The Timelines:

One of Analytical Grammar’s strengths is that you don’t have to teach it all year! We recommend breaking it up over three grammar “seasons.” Below are two timelines to illustrate this. The 36 boxes represent the weeks in an average school year. Each unit in the program takes about a week to do. The “Rs” refer to exercises in the optional Reinforcement and Review book.

Unit Breakdown:

  • Units 1-10: Parts of speech, parts of the sentence and the basics of sentence diagramming
  • Units 11-17: All the phrases and clauses (this completes the study of grammar)
  • Units 18-35: All the rules of punctuation (commas, semi-colons, colons, quotations, etc.) and usage (who or whom, I or me, etc.)

Analytical Grammar Individual Items

The Analytical Grammar Student Workbook contains student notes, exercises, and tests. Each student needs his or her own workbook.

Original price was: $68.00.Current price is: $54.00.

The Analytical Grammar Teacher Book includes teacher instruction, notes, complete answer key and student note pages. Analytical Grammar Teacher Book ONLY, for use with Analytical Grammar program. You will need both the Teacher Book and Student Workbook for the program.

Original price was: $68.00.Current price is: $54.00.

This four disk set features Analytical Grammar‘s authors teaching each unit and practicing sentences using the worksheets. This DVD set does not take the place of the teacher book.

Original price was: $55.00.Current price is: $44.00.

The Analytical Grammar Review and Reinforcement book includes teacher instructions, reinforcement activities and answer keys. This book should be used when splitting the “seasons” in Analytical Grammar over two or three years.

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