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Join Us at the Canadian Online Homeschool Conference – February 3-9th, 2021

Attend two video sessions by Jacki Knight at the conference:
Catch the Future – February 5th
Setting Up Your Child for  Success – February 8th

These inspirational presentations are part of almost 60 presentations you can enjoy at the Online Conference. Check out the Vendor Hall as well. is a family owned and operated business that has been serving Canadian  home educators since 1989.  Our passion is to see young people grow into adults who are critical thinkers and problem solvers. We began focusing on math in the early 1990’s. as we found that so many children and adults struggled with mastering the math concepts. As you begin to use the Math-U-See products our goal is to help produce confident problem solvers who enjoy the study of math so they can apply what they learn in everyday situations.

Each of the Demme Learning products that we sell encourage children to explore and learn side-by-side an engaged parent. The parent’s role may be as the primary instructor or as a supplemental instructor in their child’s education. We recognize that engaged parents are crucial to a child’s success in becoming lifelong learners.

Where Do We Start?

Placement Tests available for school classroom teachers or home educating parents. Click button below for resources.

Proper placement is critical for success in Math-U-See. This simple questionnaire will answer that question for you.

Answer a few simple yes/no questions about your student’s mastery of math concepts
Not sure? We’ll give you a couple of problems to work through with your student so you can be sure.

Review Results

You’ll get our recommendation for placement and links to the materials you need. You can also follow up with customer support if you have questions.

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