AIM – Accelerated Individualized Mastery Products

Includes everything you need to complete the AIM for Addition and Subtraction program:

    • AIM Resource Guide with program overview, lesson instruction, and more
    • Math-U-See Integer Blocks, integrated within the lessons and strategies
    • Math-U-See Colored Pencils, aligned with the integer block colors
    • Math Fact Strategy Posters, a visual reminder of addition fact strategies
    • Fact Check Cards, used in most AIM lessons for planning instruction and assessing mastery
  • Set includes code to redeem 12-months access to the AIM for Addition and Subtraction Digital Pack.

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Please only purchase with code found in Accelerated Individualized Mastery (AIM) for Addition and Subtraction Set

The AIM Digital Pack is your tool to access all of the online and downloadable resources that are available to support the AIM Addition and Subtraction program. These include overview and lesson-specific videos and instruction, solutions, and resources for additional practice. The Resource Guide provides clear guidance on when these resources may be needed.

The AIM Digital Pack is not intended for individual purchase. You will receive a code to redeem for 12-month access when purchasing the AIM for Addition and Subtraction Set. If you need additional time and your access has expired, please contact us.

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AIM – Accelerated Individualized Mastery

Created for students who:

  • Have completed addition and subtraction fact coursework without mastery
  • Use tally marks or count on their fingers
  • Are struggling as they face increasingly advanced math concepts
  • Need more efficient strategies to increase fact fluency

AIM for Addition and Subtraction:

  • Focuses exclusively on single-digit addition and subtraction fact mastery
  • Uses proven strategies and manipulatives from the Math-U-See Curriculum
  • Incorporates language and activities that are updated for more mature students
  • Is free of distractions and additional topics beyond fundamental facts
  • Can be completed at the student’s pace, generally six to eight weeks
  • Provides tools to ensure mastery has been achieved and can be maintained