AIM for Multiplication with a Bridge to Division


Includes everything you need to successfully complete the AIM for Multiplication program:

  • AIM for Multiplication Resource Guide with program overview, lesson instructions and more
  • Math-U-See Integer Blocks, integrated within each lesson and strategies
  • Math Fact Strategy Posters, a visual reminder of multiplication strategies
  • Fact Check Cards, used as an instructional planning tool to help determine mastery
  • Access to the AIM for Multiplication Digital Pack on Demme Learning
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Accelerated Individualized Mastery (AIM)

The Accelerated Individualized Mastery (AIM) for Multiplication with a Bridge to Division program combines the successful Math-U-See instructional approach with distinctive manipulatives to help students increase their proficiency with basic multiplication math fact mastery.

Lessons teach fundamental strategies to emphasize conceptual understanding instead of traditional math fact drills and rote memorization. AIM for multiplication also includes an optional section that highlights the relationship between multiplication and division facts.

The AIM for Multiplication program strives to be sensitive to the students age by providing language and support activities and resources more appropriate to the older student. AIM for Multiplication is not intended as a first experience with multiplication.

Note: This program is designed for students aged 10 and older who have not yet mastered their multiplication facts. Younger students may find some of the strategies difficult to complete.


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