Learn to Write the Novel Way Teacher’s Guide


The Learn to Write the Novel Way Teacher Book contains course objectives, yearly plan, weekly plan, and additional resources including: hints, group activities, planning, and answers to Practice, Apply, and Checkups (pre-tests).

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Learn to Write the Novel Way is a language arts curriculum for grades 5-12 that:

  • Teaches all language arts skills in one writing project
  • Provides a finished novel for the student’s portfolio
  • Is multi-level (review for more advanced students and is introductory for the less proficient in writing skills)
  • Reveals the gaps in a student’s writing ability and provides specific practices for areas of weakness
  • Motivates students to want to write and write correctly
  • Encourages independent work by “nuggetizing” the task into a thirteen-step process
  • Is easy to use for the “coach” (teacher/parent) with clear lesson plans
  • Can be used with a group

As parent/teacher we refer to you as “coach” since the best way to learn writing is through the coaching process. You will work along with the student to instruct, oversee the practices, and enjoy together the finished writing assignment each week.


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