Beyond the Book Report Season 3


Season 3 of Beyond the Book report includes a disc with printable files and video lectures as well as a teacher guide. You will need to use your computer system to access files on the disc. These files are needed for the program.


SEASON THREE is the longest season.
There are three sections. The essay and research paper sections took our previously-existing Teaching the Essay and Teaching the Research Paper units (see below), expanded them, and added a video lecture component.

The Essay
– Concepts introduced:
Personal, literary and SAT essays Literary essay paragraph worksheets
– Activity:
Expanded version of our “Teaching the Essay” unit including new video lectures
Three literary essays on short stories
A personal (college entrance) essay
An SAT essay **This is the old SAT Essay format.  The new format is VERY similar to the literary essay we teach.
– Final Product (100 pt total):
Essay on your book
The Oral Book Report
– Concepts introduced:
The DOs and DON’Ts of giving an oral presentation with slides
– Activity:
Watch video lecture on PowerPoint presentations
Find the errors in Mrs. Karl’s presentation  (link to slides; kids watch a video)
– Final Product (100 pt total):
PowerPoint presentation of book

The Research Paper
– Concepts introduced:
How to write a research paper
Each step is broken down Formal outline activity
– Activity:
Expanded version of our “Teaching the Research Paper” unit including video lectures
Students write an informative research paper on a famous author
– Final Product (100 pt total):
An argumentative research paper on the book, defending a thesis


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