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The Instructor’s Handbook contains an introduction to the philosophy behind Spelling You See and the five development stages of spelling. The Handbook also contains a “Getting Started” guide with an overview of the organization of the 36 lessons and information about the important skills and concepts that will be learned in this level. At the back of the Handbook there is more information about dictation, answers to frequently asked questions, and a collection of helpful resources including the Daily Dictation and General Dictation Lists.

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The Student Pack includes one Student Workbook, the Listen and Write Sticker Pack, and the Guide to Handwriting. Each of the 36 lessons is divided into five parts, A through E. Your student will complete one page per day in a single ten-minute session. Lessons involve letterbox activities like tracing letters, writing words, and reading words back to the instructor after they have been written. The student workbook is designed to engage your child with colorful pictures and helpful guides.

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Includes everything you need to move your preliterate student to the phonetic stage of spelling with 36 lessons of Listen and Write:

  • Instructor’s Handbook
    • Introduction to the philosophy of Spelling You See
    • Getting Started guide
  • Student Pack
    • Student Workbook
    • Listen and Write Sticker Pack
    • Guide to Handwriting

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Listen and Write

Your child is beginning to experience the printed page and needs your help to develop concepts of how spelling works and how letters are formed and put together to make words. Listen and Write is a fun and natural way to ease your child into the world of English spelling. In this level your child will learn correct pencil grip, correct letter formation, consonants, and short vowels. Listen and Write will provide your child with the foundation they need to become confident, competent spellers.

Table of Contents

  • Lessons 1–3: Letter Formation and Consonant Sounds
  • Lesson 4: Introduction to Dictation, Focus on Short a
  • Lesson 5: Focus on Short i
  • Lesson 6: Review of Short a and Short i
  • Lesson 7: Reading the Words Back
  • Lesson 8: Focus on Short o
  • Lesson 9: Review of Short a, i, and o
  • Lesson 10: Recording the Student’s Time (Optional)
  • Lesson 11: More Review of Short a, i, and o
  • Lesson 12: Focus on Short u
  • Lesson 13: Review of Short o and Short u
  • Lesson 14: Focus on Short e
  • Lesson 15: Review of All Short Vowels
  • Lesson 16: Introduction to Blends, Short a
  • Lesson 17: Beginning Blends, Short a and i
  • Lesson 18: Beginning Blends, Short a, i, and o
  • Lesson 19: Beginning Blends, Review of Short a, i, and o
  • Lesson 20: Beginning Blends, Focus on Short u
  • Lesson 21: Beginning Blends, Review of Short a, i, o, and u
  • Lesson 22: Beginning Blends, Focus on Short e
  • Lesson 23: Review of Beginning Blends and Short Vowels
  • Lesson 24: Digraphs—ch and th
  • Lesson 25: Another Digraph—sh
  • Lesson 26: End Blends and Review of Digraphs
  • Lesson 27: More Words with End Blends or Digraphs
  • Lesson 28: Review of End Blends, Short Vowels, and Digraphs
  • Lesson 29: Another Digraph—ck
  • Lesson 30: Double Consonant Endings
  • Lesson 31: Review
  • Lessons 32–34: Five‑Letter Words with Vowel Box Shaded
  • Lessons 35–36: Five‑Letter Words with No Vowel Box Shaded