Junior Analytical Grammar Mechanics

Analytical Grammar is an easy to follow, step-by-step program that will prepare students for high school and college-level work. The innovative and logical approach is not only extremely effective but makes learning grammar fun.

This program is designed to be taught over three “seasons” which spans three years, however, it is flexible and can be adapted to a one or two year program. Each “season” includes several units which are covered over the course of a week or two, followed by ongoing reinforcement activities, included in the Review and Reinforcement book.

Major Concepts and Skills Include:

  • Six Comma Rules
  • Capitalization
  • Titles, Dialogue, Qutations, and Possessives
  • Usage Units on Agreements and Word Choice

Analytical Grammar Elements

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Junior Analytical Grammar Mechanics DVD SetThis two disk set features Junior Analytical Grammar Mechanics's authors teaching each unit and practicing sentences using the worksheets. This DVD set does not take the place of the teacher book.$33.50

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Junior Analytical Grammar Mechanics SetThis set includes materials to begin the Junior Analytical Grammar Mechanics program.
  • Teacher Book
    • Copy of Student Notes
    • Useful Teacher Notes
    • Complete Answer Key
  • Student Workbook
    • Note Pages
    • Exercises to practice skills
    • Tests
  • DVD Set featuring authors
    • Teaching Each Unit
    • Practicing Sentences from Worksheets

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Junior Analytical Grammar Mechanics Student WorkbookThe Junior Analytical Grammar Mechanics Student Workbook contains student notes, exercises, rubric, and tests. Each student needs his or her own workbook.$31.50

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Junior Analytical Grammar Mechanics Teacher BookThe Junior Analytical Grammar Mechanics Teacher Book includes teacher instruction, notes, complete answer key and student note pages. Junior Analytical Grammar Mechanics Teacher Book ONLY, for use with Junior Analytical Grammar Mechanics program. You will need both the Teacher Book and Student Workbook for the program.$31.50

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