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To Life Long

To Life Long

MathCanada is the exclusive home for the Canadian Edition of Math-U-See, a complete K to 12 math program. We also offer several other programs to complement Math-U-See including Spelling You See, Analytical Grammar, Accelerated Individualized Mastery, Style Write, Learn to Write the Novel Way, Write Your Roots and Stewardship, a great money management program!


Are you

New to Math-U-See?

Proper placement is critical for success. We’ve created some handy tools to help you find the perfect level of math for your child. Follow the instructions on our placement assessment page to get started. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call!

Where Do We Start?

Math-U-See Canada Placement
Math-U-See Canada Classroom

Placement Tests available for school classroom teachers or home educating parents. Click button below for resources.

Proper placement is critical for success in Math-U-See. This simple questionnaire will answer that question for you.

Answer a few simple yes/no questions about your student’s mastery of math concepts
Not sure? We’ll give you a couple of problems to work through with your student so you can be sure.

Review Results

You’ll get our recommendation for placement and links to the materials you need. You can also follow up with customer support if you have questions.

Personal Income Tax 101: Stuff Every Young Canadian Should Know

Course for teens and young adults (parents welcome!)

Taxes? No problem! In this course, you will learn how to minimize your taxes from your first job right through to buying your first house. We will cover saving money in a TFSA vs. an RRSP, tax breaks for students and why you’ll happily say cha-ching for me when you turn 18.

  • 8 video lessons of approximately 1-1.25 hours each including interactive activities within each lesson and gamified review
  • Many computer-graded homework questions and tax return practice in addition to the worksheets & solutions provided in the textbook. There will be an average of 1-2 hours of homework per lesson. The homework is critical for understanding the material.
  • This course will be offered until the end of 2021 

Detailed course outline available here.

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